Win A T-Shirt!

Win A T-Shirt

I warned you!  I talked about turning “Doughnut Face” into a t-shirt in one of my most popular posts.  I’m in the process of polishing the drawing up, right now, to make it into a sweet t-shirt design!

As a special thanks to all my readers, I’m giving you a chance to win one of these sweet t-shirts!  GO HERE to sign up to be on my email list between now and August 31st to enter into a drawing to win one.  No purchase necessary, of course.  And I don’t do anything with your email info other than send updates on my blog.

I’m at 13 email followers right now.  Wow!  Thanks early-birds!  I’m thrilled to have even that many email followers.  And I’m humbled that you signed up without a bribe 😉  My goal is to have at least 50 email followers by August 31.  If my email followers climb to more than 50 by August 31, I’ll give away 2 t-shirts total!

Naturally, if your email is drawn from the hat and you don’t want a t-shirt, you don’t have to claim it.  I welcome any followers who just want regular email updates on anything new that I post.

Thanks again, readers!

Update July 25th:  I’m actually at 39 email followers if you count followers (and I do).  They’ll be in the mix for a t-shirt too.  I’ll still give away 2 t-shirts if I reach 50 total, but I’m upping my overall goal to 100.  I’ll give away 3 t-shirts if I hit that magic number.