Privacy Policy:

Crispycabbage.com does not share personal information about blog visitors with any third parties. We do not collect information about your visit to this blog for any purposes other than analysis of content performance through the use of “cookies.” You can turn off the use of cookies any time in your browser’s setting. This policy is subject to change without notice.

Affiliate Relationships:

In my articles, every once in a while, I add links to companies I have affiliate relationships with.  I try my best to disclose these relationships up front within each article that contain such links.  These companies typically pay me money in the form of a referral commission when someone clicks on their link through this website and buys what they are selling.

I do not chose companies based on whether or not they have an affiliate program.  I will never do that.  I do not chose to write about a particular topic for the sole purpose of adding affiliate links.  I will never do that.  

I talk about all kinds of products that interest me regardless of whether they have an affiliate program or not and will continue to do so.  Companies I chose to form an affiliate relationship with sell products and services I have either used myself or am very interested in using.  Thanks for reading.

I’ve also partnered with Spreadshirt.com to offer T-shirts for sale that I’ve designed based on some of the original drawings I’ve done for Crispycabbage.com.  I receive a referral bonus and small commission for every T-shirt sold through my Spreadshirt shop.