[Guest Post at 1500 Days to Freedom] 10 Questions

10 questions

Hi everyone! I’m featured today on 1500days.com in Mr. 1500’s 10 Questions series. You should read my answers and then sign up for your own moment in the Colorado sun. Carl came up with some great questions. Here’s a sample along with my answer…

If your 18-year-old child told you this: “Parents, I want to go to a $250,000 school and study doorknob design,” what would you tell him or her?

I’d laugh. Then he’d start laughing. And we’d all have a good, hearty laugh together. Because it was joke. Just another zinger from a kid with a highly developed sense of humor.

Our ultimate goal as parents is to raise our son so he’d never ask that kind of question with a straight face. He’d already know the best way to be a world-class doorknob designer is to apprentice in Sandefjord, Norway with Godtfred Svaalgaard. And it would probably take much less than $250K to make that happen. Or, maybe Godtfred has a course or two on the internet to earn a solid certificate.


To me, doorknob design isn’t the funny part. Actually, there probably is a niche out there that can be filled by someone who’s really good at designing custom door opening devices. And the internet could help you find the subset of the subset of the people willing to pay up for those fancy knobs.

As a matter of fact, I’d be thrilled if, by the age of 18, my son knew down to that granular of detail what he wanted to offer to the world (the ability to open doors in the most luxurious way possible). We can only hope to raise him to have that level of clarity as a young adult.

It’s when people automatically think a paper degree from a 4-year institution (and the tens of thousands of dollars debt-hole that often goes with it) is the only path to success. That’s the funny part, to me. Funny in a tragic kind of way.

That may have been largely true in the past. But I firmly believe we’re quickly outgrowing the university 4-year-degree model. The level of student loan debt is just completely unsustainable and there’s increasingly more educational value elsewhere. Besides, smart pills are coming. Mark my words.

Read the rest over here at 1500days.com ….

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