[Guest Post at Abandoned Cubicle] Let The Robots Have Our Crappy Jobs (We’ve Got Better Things To Do)

BoomhauerIncHi everybody. Since my site’s not getting too much traffic, I hacked into another way more popular website and posted some of my random ramblings there so I can get them out into the world. Luckily, my pal, Cubert, over at Abandoned Cubicle left his site wide open so he could go on vacation somewhere warm. He’s always abandoning things.

Enjoy nuggets about animated sitcoms from the early 2000s and crypto-currency coin offerings from Steven Seagal… Oh, and I think I talk about the future of work somewhere in there. Here’s a preview…

So, you wanna ditch your cubicle job, huh? Wanna be your own boss. You’re at least curious what life outside those dreary brown walls is like. You’re here on Abandoned Cubicle’s great site, right? Probably on a work computer during business hours.

I’ve got great news for you, then… Your cubicle kind of wants to quit you too! And all those other paycheck jobs out there we’ve come to know and love post-industrial revolution? They’d rather not have us smelly Meat Puppets around anymore either. See how I tucked in that 90s pop culture reference, Cubert? Gen-X FTW!

I’ve talked about it before. Jobs will fundamentally change. Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting so damn advanced that it could be coming soon for important bits of even our most highly-respected professions… Engineers. Doctors. Accountants! Most work as we know it now is destined to be replaced by stacks and stacks of servers and snarky voice boxes called Alexa. 

It’s all good.

Our God-given creativity and our God-given right to self-medicate will save us… and probably also the blockchain will save us. I can’t forget about the blockchain. We’re required to mention blockchain in any article about technology, now, so I’ll bring it in full force later on.

Also, you’re on a financial independence (FI) website, so you’ve already taken the first steps to prepare for this kind of “jobless” future.

I love talking about this stuff. Not because I want to be fatalistic about it. But because I want to spread the good word that it’s all gonna be alright. Even if you’re not very far on the path to FI. It’s all going to be alright. Even if you kind of still rely on that bi-weekly paycheck to put food on the table (like I do). It’s all going to be alright.

I don’t know exactly how it’ll all play out. But I truly believe there will be plenty of ways to make a living in the future. And if you’ve already braced yourself for the upheaval to come using the principles of FI, you’re bound to find supreme satisfaction in work you really want to do.

… read the rest over at Abandoned Cubicle. And please comment about how much you liked the article so he’s not as mad when he gets back.

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