To My Valentine Birthday Girl

Valentine Birthday Girl

I always struggle a little bit on what to get my wife for her birthday. Today is her birthday. Valentine’s Day is her birthday.

It seems easy enough. A husband’s dream even. It’s easy to remember. There’s ready-made romance all around. But I make everything five times harder than it needs to be, so… there’s that.

Then I remember, all she really wants is for this stoic Norwegian half-blood to show some affection every once in a while. So, I’ll do my very best the only way I know how… In a blog post! Hidden behind a semi-secret pen-name. Surrounded by advertisements for joint supplements.

And just like my typical greeting card scribbles, this will be a little rambley and not the least bit poetic…

To My Valentine Birthday Girl,

To my wife. My partner in life. The most beautiful person inside and out I’ve ever met. To the mother of our perfect little guy. To the girl who’s always “fire-engine ready”. To the glue that holds everything together.

I wouldn’t be half as successful in life as I am right now without you (This blog’s a complete failure, but the other thing I did… that one time. Remember that? That was awesome). I wouldn’t be half as happy as I am right now and I wouldn’t try half as hard. I’d be 300 pounds lying on the couch covered in Doritos dust right now if it weren’t for you. I can’t possibly imagine my life without you.

I love how you crinkle your nose and pout when I’m beating you in Splendor… How your eyes light up when you get nobs in Cribbage… How you insist on filling out a scorecard at every Twins game even though you’re not quite sure how to score double plays… How you cheer for the Vikings in the NFC Championship game because it would make me happy to see them go to the Super Bowl (finally) even though you’re a Packer fan…

How you look in your puffy red hooded jacket… How you look in that little black dress with the big gold zipper… How you look in weekend wear… How you look out of weekend wear… How you look when you don’t wear eye makeup… How you look in your puffy red hooded jacket with your sweet smile when you offer to shovel so I can write…

How you always offer to drive on long trips… How you’re always up for a trip… How you were totally up for a quick change of plans to catch that Twins game in D.C…. How you laughed when gale-force winds almost blew us off that cliff in Ireland… How you giggled when our hot-air balloon basket tickled the treetops across the St. Croix…

How proud I am of you when you get up on water skis and go outside the wake… How you always try your best at whatever you do… How funny you look when you play that bouncy ball target game on the Kinect… How you trip over yourself with that weird dance to try to get me to smile… 

How you balance a successful professional career with feeding, clothing and caring for your two boys (and folding our underwear)… How you care for our very special boy… How you love your family…

I love you, My Valentine Birthday Girl!

Yours Forever (whether you like it or not),



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