[My 1st Guest Post] A Hot Cheeto Called Harambe: 5 Ideas to Capitalize on a Craze Without Getting Your Fingers Dirty


My first ever guest post just dropped!  Chris has a terrific blog over at Keep Thrifty and was gracious enough to host my incoherent ramblings over there.  I really appreciate it, Chris!  Here’s a small teaser

The other day, I got to work, and I could just feel the energy in the air.  The guys were buzzing about something they saw on eBay.  It was like that one day back in November when they discovered those $70 miniature throwback Nintendo NES consoles could be resold for hundreds of dollars on eBay.  What an opportunity!

This one was next-level, though.  Some guy in Burbank had just sold a single Flamin’ Hot Cheeto on eBay for almost 100 grand!

Head on over to Keep Thrifty to read the rest


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