$1 Billion? What a bargain!

US Bank Stadium

I’m going to the first event ever at the new $1 billion home for the Minnesota Vikings tonight and I’m pumped!  I love the stadium design and I can’t wait to get inside.

I’ve been looking forward to it all year.  Wow!  A billion dollar stadium, this is going to be something.  Then I listened to Bloomberg yesterday.  They were talking to the owner of the Atlanta Falcons about the new $1.5 billion stadium being built there right now.  $1.5 billion? What kind of cheap rinky-dink stadium did we just build?

Stadium-building in the U.S. is an absolute arms race nowadays.  10-figure stadiums are becoming the norm, especially in the NFL.  During a time when inflation is supposedly stagnant, costs for stadiums have absolutely exploded.  In fact, according to this list,  NFL Stadium Costs, all of the NFL stadiums built after 2008 have cost over $1 billion.

Lucas Oil Stadium was built for $720 million in 2008.  Then Jerry Jones built his house (Dallas’ AT&T Stadium) for $1.3 billion in 2009 and it was off to the races.  MetLife Stadium in New York, Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco, US Bank Stadium here in Minneapolis, and soon-to-be-built Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta all top $1 billion.  In fact, US Bank Stadium was actually the cheapest of the five.  Contrast that with the stadiums built in the early to mid-2000s that cost $300-$400 million.  Costs have tripled in a decade!

This is not a commentary on public financing for stadiums or anything.  I don’t have time this morning to go into that.  I actually wanted the Vikings stadium to be approved.  Right or wrong, without it, the Vikings would have moved.  Besides, the Metrodome was an absolute toilet and I hated the troughs in the mens restrooms.  These are just interesting numbers that got me thinking, At this rate, how long before our brand-new stadium starts to look cheap?  For now, though, it’s the jewel of the NFL, and I’m going to drink it all in tonight.  Look for photos on this post later tonight.

Update:  What a night?  Great stadium and it was fun to watch the top level of soccer live.  Here are a few pictures I snapped (on my 5S so they’re not the best quality):

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